Montag, 9. Januar 2017

Some Homework

Okay, my sisters and I had a wild weekend involving a 5-hour trip, breakdown, and rental van...all sans parental. But we did get some sketching in!

Here's Leah's hatching and stippling homework:

Anna did hers, too, but we didn't snap a photo yet...

And then a couple of us drew our final projects for this particular Craftsy class -- a high-contrast exercise.

Here's Leah's:

Here's mine:

I'm hoping to dive back into some jewelry making sometime soon. I got some snazzy owl charms for Christmas, and they're lonely. Haha.


  1. Good work, Ladies. I hope the difficult parts of the trip were overshadowed by the some good parts.
    Now that you have gone through the class, you can use what you have gained to incorporate into your daily drawing. You practiced some really worthwhile skills in that class that should be useful to you. In an upcoming post I will show you a couple of my works (old ones) to see uses of those techniques, so you see how you can use , for instance, stippling in a finished drawing.

  2. How are the resolutions and plans progressing?

  3. Thank you! We did have fun on our trip, and I will try to remember to practice those drawing techniques!