Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Epiphany and Crowns

The Kings Come

The Nativity set was put away today and the Wise Men gathered around the Holy Family in preparation for our observance of Epiphany. From sundry sources we aquired three Kings Breads. These are buns in a circle, with one bun having a little King figure inside. The person who gets the king gets a gold crown, an honour. One son said he saw a man (evidently a foreigner) wearing his crown while shopping today, proud to share his honour.

This is Kings Bread, which are actually sweet rolls with almonds on top and raisins inside.

This is part of supper of the Swiss sort.

This is Epiphany evening, ready for celebration. Note Kings have followed the star to the house where the Christ Child  is. (Actually there is a star that didn't get in this picture, but see picture two below.)

This is the crown on the Kings Bread.

This is the last lighting of the Christmas tree. The trunk will be saved for the Easter cross.(Sorry about the quality - it is the only one I have.)

And guess who got the King this year? Yours truly, for the first time (that I remember ).

It is bitterly cold out now, so we are enjoying the warm fire.

This marzipan pig is a symbol, here, of good luck for the New Year.

Blessings to you and yours this Epiphany season.


  1. Congratulations on getting the king, finally! The living room looks lovely. Is that pig really marzipan? Impressive!

    I have a couple posts I'd like to do but I'm having problems. I upgraded my iPad and now I can't put up photos because I can't get a new blogger app. Some of you will get that. If you do get it, and have a suggestion for me, please pass it on. I can't get photos to load on the blogger dashboard and I can't find an app, it disappeared for some reason? Annoying.

  2. Thanks, Pam.
    The pig is solid marzipan.
    I will not post today, so the day is all yours. I hope the Blog Touch Pro works for you.