Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017

Sketch, Painting, and Color Pencil WIP


This sketch makes me happy! It worked out so well! I actually really like it! I didn't even have to erase as much as usual! Except for making the brights brighter, and then having to make the darks darker, but that always happens for me. I suppose there could've been more contrast, but I didn't want to ruin anything since it is a fairly smaller sketch. I enjoyed making this, though!

I randomly painted this in honor of my girlfriends who I love and am so thankful for. Basically, I did it because I was mentioning doing something like this for one of my best Christian girlfriends. So, I wanted to post it on Facebook and tag my best girlfriends, but I feel weird doing that right now with all this women's rights stuff going on. I know. I am just weird and don't like people thinking things.

But anyways, I really don't like flowers. Well, maybe I like real flowers if given to me or something, but I don't really like flowers. Especially flower prints. Just never got into that. I am a very different kind of girl hehehe. So, I didn't like painting these flowers that came off the top of my head, but I wanted to make it beautiful for my friend. Sorry, I digress. what do y'all think? :)


The three of us girls who did the Craftsy class for shading thought that Esther would maybe benefit from/enjoy doing the homework parts of it, even though she did not get to see the videos. Anna had a couple extra black-and-white pictures left over that she hadn't picked for the project, so Esther got one. And here is hers! This is the homework from the first lesson in that class:

Remember that red head I drew with color pencil? She is actually part of a group of characters for a story idea I had, and on Saturday, I decided to do the two left as rough sketches on the page. They turned out so much more complete looking than the first two had from August, that I wasn't sure if it was just a freak "good art day" or if I had accidentally gotten better with hardly any color pencil practice in between. Haha!

after completing last two characters...

Anyway, it just looked weird that way, so I went back and jazzed up the first two a little, adding more contrast shading and burnishing to try to level them all off better. XD

after I added shading & stuff to the first two

This piece will also eventually have more of a background, too. Even though these faces look hardly at all like the references I was using, I think it's starting to look kind of cool... :)


  1. Great work, all! But, Esther!! Wow!! The art genes are strong among you girls! Very impressive. Keep it up. So great you are helping your little sister along too and showing us her work.

  2. Leah, you can be happy with that fine drawing. Really good work.
    If I may suggest a small thing: because the young man's sharp gaze is a significant part of the picture's power, you might want to cut back the car shadow immediately in front of his eyes, at the level of the bridge of his nose. That will put more contrast at that point, and thus make it more compelling to the viewer's eye.
    What appears (to me) to be thick paint on your flowers is quite effective.
    Do be careful about having a high contrast item at a bottom corner; it tends to lead the eye off the picture. To help in this particular work you could add some bright accents in the hyacinths(?) above, to lead the eye upward.
    I agree with Pam on the high quality of Esther's work. Keep on keeping on!
    Sarah, The punch you added to your first two drawing is striking. It brings the skin tones to life. Your reflected light on the darker girl is lovely.
    One question - are the irises of the red-haired girl the same size?
    You might also want to put just a touch of her hair color in the blush tone on her cheek, because that color would reflect there. Overall, it is a very well-done piece.

  3. Thanks! Yes, the red haired girl's eyes are crooked and annoying, but I can't fix them, so whatever. lol I'll try the hint of color thing, though! :)