Samstag, 14. Januar 2017


Just Because

Couple of days ago I saw the sweetest baby picture. Because we have a new baby in the extended family it particularly resonated. So I drew it.

A tiny baby protected by a man's hands. (The site was a Spanish pro-life organisation.)

A detail of cross hatching for those who draw.

So when days are like this:
After time and effort expended, it (a savoury Gugelhupf, with Wurst, pepper sauce, bacon, onion, cheese, herbs in yeast dough) looks quite unappealing and one wonders why we bother. It had been intended for Sunday fellowship dinner, but we had it for supper instead and it was scrumptious.  So, no matter what things look like, adjust, and all is well.

 -it is good to think of God's approval of life.

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