Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

Birthday Beauties

Ladies' Day

This past Sunday was a momentous one for Elisa. She celebrated her birthday with all her girls, with a lovely party and time together to make jewellery and enjoy some gifts.

Isn't this a statement piece?

For each her own

And a set

Then to crown the day, her newest grandchild was born, safe and healthy. A precious little girl.
I don't think that can be topped for a beautiful day.

Not public, yet

I have been spending considerable time in the past few days on an art project that I cannot show you. I mention it because what I do show in the next days after today will be smaller works. But maybe shortly I can mention what the project is - if all goes well.
Pam, I hope to do a sample for you for candleholder decoration ideas. And I need to get some photos during the day in decent light to show examples of drawing techniques, as I mentioned to Sarah Y. Maybe for tomorrow.


  1. It is so fun to make jewelry and those are lovely pieces. What a wonderful birthday celebration. And a baby girl to share grandma's birthday? Congratulations!

  2. So wonderful! What a great birthday!

  3. Yay, what FUN! And congratulations!