Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Homework, Unfinished Projects, and Monkeys

Here's Esther's drawing homework:

And I have nothing finished to show you. So have a look at some of my unfinished projects currently...

I'm going to try a double necklace design with these owl charms.

Book Dragon asleep on its hoard. Not sure what to do with the background yet.

And now I will talk about monkeys, because I said I would speak of them again and I cannot believe I made so many this past year. Haha!

It was a very Year of the Monkey... Each one took me about 6 hours to make, so I can say I've spent at least 36 hours crocheting monkeys...

I used this pattern from one of my favorite crochet blogs, All About Ami.

Now I just want to finish this African Flower Motif afghan I've been working on now and again over at least two years. I think it is more than halfway done, so if I plug away at it, I should complete it before the end of the year.


  1. Wow, Sarah. I really like and admire your crochet works, especially the color choices. It is a skill I would like to try someday.
    Your dragon is great. I feel like that sometimes.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your jewelry. Owls..... yes.
    Compliments to Esther on her subtle shading.
    It is so good you are doing this together.
    How are you coming on your To Do list of projects?

  2. Thank you so much! :) You should really try crochet; I think it's easier than knitting in that it's harder to lose stitches since you're generally working with just one loop at a time. As far as the To Do list, I am still working on it. I expect to have something started for a blog and/or online shop sometime end of March at least? Will keep you posted!