Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

Hands 2 and VALENTINES and Scenes Seen

More Hands

This was lesson Two in the Drawing Hands course.

Valentines Contest

One person asked for a contest, and I am informed that computer problems make communication difficult for several people now, but that some families might have interest, so.....
.....because I will be gone next week, I need to say yea or nay now. How about if we have a contest, but only have prizes if at least a few people enter?

The Rules

Make a creative work that expresses your love for somebody. It can be for your dog, if you want, or teddy bear, or Grandma, or Dad, or the tree in your yard. And it does not have to have any cupids or lace or kisses on it, if you don't want, so boys can do a manly project, too. BUT, frills and frothies are also very welcome.

Required: each work must have either the word LOVE in it, or the color RED, or a HEART shape to qualify. You can have all of them, but must have at least one.

Prizes: If enough entries arrive, we will have two prizes.
One as a random drawing, so all have equal chance of winning.
Second, if enough entries, will be by popular vote for BEST.
I will talk with the winner(s) about what sort of thing they would like as an artwork prize, within parameters.

Deadline will be Valentines Day, February 14th, so winner(s) can be announced the next day. I hope I can draw a winning name that day, because I might be leaving for ski vacation then - if there is any snow.

Scenes Seen

Today I happened to have my camera on my morning walk. This morning had its share of little adventures. First, I went outside and found the bunnies loose. And one seemed to be missing, but we found it. Palpitating hearts all around.

Then I got a chance to notice all the lovely raindrops on everything. In the past two days it had warmed up and we got steady rain that melted all our beautiful snow, and had the roads running rivers. Especially since somebody decided it was a good idea to put piles of dirt right at the run-off place for all the water coming off the big ridge above us. Now who would come up with such an idea? Oh, yes, of course, city employees, government people who know all.

Then on the walk we saw a helicopter doing logging work close by. It attracted lots of gawkers.  A big event in a small town.

The wildlife was somewhat apprehensive of the goings on.

Best wishes on your adventures today.

Already a promise of spring  - on our front porch.


  1. Wow! Primroses! Someone didn't tell them it's only February 1

  2. I love the first arrangement of that letter art! And some of those pictures are VERY lovely! I have never seen anyone using a helicopter for tree work before; interesting!

  3. Pam, I bring them in on nights it freezes outside, so they probably think it is warming up enough to bloom. They are quite hardy.
    Sarah, Thanks.

  4. Katrina told us about the contest. She really does read this blog daily! She loves it so much. Evelyn also reads it quite frequently... Obviously I don't get to it so often, but I go back and catch up when I can. I suggested that try leaving comments so she has more interaction.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Loraine.
    Katrina, do join the conversation. I would love to read your comments..
    And contest entries...?