Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

Paper Weaving


This is an idea for VALENTINE projects. If the weaving strips are few and wide it easy enough for even little children to do. The more strips the more complicated, but, of course, also more interesting.

Start with a square with a half round above it as a pattern piece. Cut this shape out of two contrasting papers.

Cut strips in the square part, not going into the rounded part. Three strips is good to use for first practice. This one has seven.

This is the back, almost done. The strips have to wiggled a little more in alignment .

This is the front with coordinating papers, not glued yet. Each end gets glued in place.
Then further decorations or wording can be added. A back can be glued on the edges to make a pretty pocket.

Another interesting thing one can do is to cut wavy lines to weave.

This makes an interesting pattern. I have a little book on paper weaving with more ideas I hope to try.

Make Valentines!


  1. Oh, my kids are all into weaving things, I'll have to try this with them!