Freitag, 10. Februar 2017

Art Nouveau and Such

A History in the Architecture

In Porto the building styles range from the Gothic to Baroque to Neo-Classical to Romantic to a few modernist examples. The churches are very old, so usually have Gothic or Romanesque structures with later additions of Baroque decorations overlayed. The business and residential buildings tend not to be built to stand for vast lengths of time, so they get replaced more often and are newer. In various sections of the city are clusters of unified styles. Here are some in one quarter from the turn of the century in the romantic Art Nouveau style.

Inside the Majestic Cafe - this and following pictures

And others....
Where some music students were practicing acappella singing in Latin

In which a Portuguese mass was being celebrated and outside of which were military formations and a band waiting for a dignitary.

Love those spats

The interior of which was extremely ornately wrought in  gilded Baroque ornamentation ("no photos, please")

These next three pictures are one church building

A neighbourhood church tucked amongst the neighbours  

More to come, but any one else is welcome to post other things.... like Valentine contest entries.



  1. Those grinning faces in that cafe... Not sure if it's happy, or creepy. :D

  2. Some very unique buildings. That country doesn't seem to resemble any others you have done posts about or that I have visited, How does it compare to Spain?

  3. The faces are supposed to be "happy, inviting children," we heard.

    The country of Portugal is different from Spain and other countries I have visited. It is very old, so has had much time to develop its own character and styles and customs. It is not a branch of Spain at all. Spain had an entirely different atmosphere and ethos, more troubled.
    The people of Portugal are wonderfully friendly and dignified. The country is safe and peaceful. While it is poor now, it has remnants of a once-grand heritage. We really liked it and would recommend it to anyone.