Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017



We got our piece of furniture this weekend. Transport was tricky, but the cabinet is in its new place. It looks like it will need a bit of restoration work, but just don't look closely for now.

New piece in place. Now for a few more furnishings....

And Small

The person who was getting rid of things showed us a collection of silk weavings with "Romantic subjects," as he called them. He wanted to find a good home for some of them, and someone who would appreciate their uniqueness. They were made by a Frenchman, now dead, along with his technique. We have a paper in French about them, which we need Maria to translate for us.

These are small silk pieces with what looks like photo transfers on them, but they are not. The picture is actually woven into the fabric.

The front

The back, which is a negative of the picture. Exquisitely made.

Now what would you say she is thinking?

As the man said, Romantic. He added, "Not my thing." But I like them.
I have a couple of ideas of what to make with them. What would you do with them?

Blessings on your Sunday.
Soon, a couple of us are off to distant places. Photos will follow, D.v.


  1. It's hard to believe those are woven with that detail. Would definitely like to know more about the technique.

    Your acquisition is gorgeous looks squeezed into that corner. It needs a big wall with a higher ceiling to have the presence such a grand piece deserves. Just my humble opinion....

    Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to photos.

  2. Maria, I was trying to reply to your comment and accidentally hit delete . I really didn't mean to. Would you write your comment again so I can reply to it. Tiny I Pad lettters and bad eyes make problems.
    Thanks for comments. Will reply when I don't make these mistakes.

  3. Great old cabinet. I'd may put it on the other side of the window. My humble opinion. Those silks are very precious. I'd frame them.
    Love the blog.