Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Hello From Afar


Today had a mad scramble to get at least a million things done or sort of in order, for this Mom to take a little trip. Destination:Porto, Portugal, also called Oporto by some peoples, like the Swiss. This is one of the oldest continuous cities in the world, we hear, with immense amounts of history and historical significance, which one would never know if one didn't go to these off-the-beaten-track places. We decided we like it, in the brief time we have been here. I am tapping on an I-Pad, so won't write much, to avoid too many mistakes. Here are a few pictures.




Main Street 

Many buildings have tiles siding or painted tile decoration, especially in blues on white.


Interior of the train station. Historical paintings on tiles. Beautiful.



Close up of details.

Something that looks like a fortified church, which we have not visited yet.


Tiled buildings on a side street.

And more to come, D.v.


  1. The historical paintings at the train station are inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! Those cobalt tiles are incredible. And I LOVE the red tiles on the building in the last photo.

  3. Idazle, so good to see you here. I found you have a writing blog. Great! See comment from me there.
    Did tell your sister to introduce herself here, too.

  4. Hmm, make that two blogs. You are ambitious. Keep it up!