Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

When Everyone is Away

A Little More Time

This week is Sport Ferien, meaning time for everyone to take a break from work and go skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. There is no snow left down where we are, and the snow in the mountains is not very good, but new snow is forecast for tomorrow, so better might be on the way.
Anyway, I am home taking care of hearth and livestock, which involves plenty of work; but not having so many people duties, gives me a bit of free time.

I am still working on illustrations - and still can't show them, but I got some new art books in the mail that I am preparing to use. And I always add to my sketch file. So maybe coming up will have new works to show.

This week's art journal page

Sketches of things I saw today and recorded for maybe someday's use

Is anybody seeing any first flowers? Besides Mary, of course.


  1. Flowers? I'm thinking it's going to be a long, long time. It's raining and melting the snow but it's still so deep here that we only recently have seen the gravel in the driveway. I'm afraid to see what is under the huge snow banks where flower beds are sleeping.

  2. Did you use pen on the horse, in the upper left corner?

  3. Pam, you seem to have an exceptionally hard wi term this year. We have rain now, and glowers are poking out here and there, not just snowbells.

  4. Yes, the top left sketch is in ink, simple ball point.

  5. I am actually seeing some green shoots that will be flowers. Hard to believe for the middle of February! The sap run is well underway already, and we are having very warm weather for the weekend. I think I heard it's supposed to get into the 60's! Crazy. We can enjoy it, but with some trepidation for the fruit crop. If trees start to bud we'll have no fruit. And the excess warm could kill the sap run already. Moderation in all things is preferable...

  6. Not fair.;-) I have at least three orchids popping. They're all outside . azaleas are basically done but camelias are full steam ahead. Climbing rose loves this weather too.

  7. Nice!

    We have our teaser-spring here. Just enough of a warm spell to remind us that winter doesn't last forever before we plunge back in a few weeks later. XD Good to see puddles and sunshine, though!