Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

Beach RnR

These from Mary

It came a day late,  because of a Customs hang up, but I got a box today from Mary.
The contents made my day. They included these:

Made on a wooden spoon

Wrapped in this -


-  with this included -

This counts as a Valentine entry, I decided, since it was sent way back in January.

Daytona Beach, a good place to relax, she says.
First one goes to a horse show.....


......then to the coast.... enjoy an evening on the waterfront .....


.... with dinner appropriate to the locale.


In the morning.... does the best sort of "earthing"..... in ocean water.....


.....absorbing the tranquility....


.....and the local sights and sounds.....


.....To tank up for the days ahead.



Valentines contest results will come shortly.


  1. The coast- my favorite place to refresh and restore also! But Mary, you need to remove those flip flops to completely connect with the earth. :-)

  2. It was rather cold and mostly walked on the beach but I always get a foot picture when I'm at the beach. My souvenir. The colorful picture was sunrise once the clouds moved. Nice to have beach time,I was in withdrawal.