Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

And the Winner Is ......

A Random Pick

We had twenty entries in our contest! That was fun. Everybody gets an equal chance at the random drawing for a prize. That means the choice of winner is  God's pick.

So, all names get written on papers.

The papers get folded twice, so no names are visible.

The pile of papers gets shuffled.

And shuffled again.

Then one piece gets picked up - God's choice....

... and unfolded....

to reveal the winner! Surprise! God's choice.

Congratulations, Katrina. Again. Everyone has an equal chance each time.

Just to see who would have been next, I picked up another paper.

The name was Evelyn.

Then one more, just to see - and it was Elisa and Aria.

So to each of you, because we had many entries, I will contact you about a prize. Congratulations!

Thanks to all who participated.

Do you want to do another for Lent, or spring, or Easter, in the months ahead? Let me know.