Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Lots of Birds

Feathers and Flights.....

....and birds in our sights in Porto.
















Find the bird?





Somebody threw bread out.....


...and seconds later it was gone.

We will be gone, too, shortly. It has been a pleasant respite.


  1. Seagulls by the sea (an often annoying bird) and pigeons for the statues.

  2. Thanks, again, for sharing your trip, Sarah. Loved the peacock (like ones I had once! and miss) Seems now we'll have to travel vicariously, so keep sharing. Love the architecture and details. Nothing like that here in the good ol' US!

  3. Thanks to those who said they like the travel pictures. I wasn't sure if they should go here or not....

    I liked the peacocks, too, more than my traveling companion, who thought one picture was enough. He was patient though.

    I am not sure who is memorialized in the statue, but think it is a king.

  4. Fun pictures. So it's close to the Sea?