Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

Sketching and Jewelry Making

Esther's drawing homework:

And from Leah:

I did this quick sketch in about a half hour because I had to work shortly after. I think it turned out quite well for "rushing" a bit. I normally am such a perfectionist, but hey, sometimes it's fun to see how fast and accurately you can do something. I love horses. Especially love drawing them.

And from me:

I bought these Zig Millennium drawing pens because Leah had recently gotten some and they looked awesome, and you know what? They are awesome. So I practiced some manga eyes with my drawing book using those pens to ink, and coloring with pencils.

And Sunday afternoon was jewelry making time. I regret that I didn't snag a picture of the darling ankle bracelets Anna made for her baby girl, but here are the things I made...

close-up of the charms used for the longer necklace

These necklaces are separate, so you can wear them individually, or as a set, or mix and match with your other pieces. I used those owl charms I've been swooning over since Christmas and a couple of other charms, as well as chain, a clasp, jump rings, and a pre-crafted necklace string and clasp.

I had some chain left over that just went around my wrist nicely, so I broke out some charms, fun beads, and another clasp, and went to town creating a winter bracelet. (Which sadly, I won't get to wear often, as I'm not allowed to wear bracelets at work. Haha.)

Yes, the head pins are not actual head pins, but things I bent out of pieces of paper clips to serve the purpose. I should get some real headpins soon. XD


  1. I like the smaller necklace, and Leah's horse drawing.

  2. Compliments, Ladies. Fine work.
    Owls: I love them. Arabian horses: likewise. Eyes: too.
    Works incorporating them: also.
    It is good to see Esther is doing the drawing practice, too.