Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

Night Sky Quote and Invisible Progress (and Woven Paper Hearts)

From Leah:

I love this saying. First I painted the background, then I used some Sharpie markers to define the silhouettes, and also for the lettering. Just some cute cover art on a little sketch book I have.

However, I don't like that the paint brush strokes show up in the sky on the right, but oh well.

From me (Sarah):

I forgot to show Esther what the next art homework assignment was last week, so she doesn't have anything new, but will probably next time. As far as our own Craftsy lessons, the teacher whose videos we are going through now does not give homework, and talks long-windedly about skulls, so I hope we're learning something. Heehee. :)

I have nothing to show for the week, either. I did a little sketching, but nothing I'd like to share. Other than that, I've been reading and playing Farm Heroes Saga like a naughty child. Haha. And working, of course. And we have some colds going around here.

HOWEVER, I DID form the ball that I will soon be rolling for the online shenanigans I have planned. Very scary, but fun. We'll get this shop and blog up sooner or later. Baby steps, and I have no idea what I'm doing despite having read many things online in preparation. So we shall just jump in and make our own mistakes, hoping that none of them will be very awful or land us in jail. Yay!

So yes, we have invisible progress on many things this week. And I will try to not match as many veggies the next few days.

Happy crafting!


Okay, so I wrote this post Monday morning, then I looked through the older posts here on Little Bird and saw those neat woven paper heart crafts... So I helped my younger siblings do some. It was fun. :)

Gluing the edges down

This is Naomi's

Naomi added letters on scraps of paper


Bethany used glitter glue to put little hearts on her woven hearts.

Isaiah was one of the first finished.

Zach had to have help with his, but I'm glad he finished.

Esther was the first to try a smaller heart. (Not sure who made the bigger one here)

I failed at taping the edges of Anna's for her. LOL

Leah's, with glitter glue lettering