Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Painted Tiles

From Portugal

As seen in previous posts from Porto, the city is covered in painted tiles. Some are solid color, but most are in two or more glazes, with or without raised patterns. Blue and white is the favourite. I found a couple of examples of handpainted tiles and pottery for myself. I like blues, too.

A small bowl

A smaller bowl. I love the glaze.

A small tile

A trivet in cork. Portugal is notable for its cork production. We saw all kinds of things made from cork, including expensive cut-work purses, notebook covers, hats, jewellery and much more.

This is a very miniature clay nativity on a cut cork. 

An even smaller (about the size of the first joint on your finger) Nativity in glazed clay.
 And this next is just a picture, and the pieces aren't mine, but I would like if they were. The Portuguese take their painted ceramics seriously....

Still to come, a folk tale about a rooster.


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