Dienstag, 28. Februar 2017

Buncha Art

From Leah:

I recently watched some Bob Ross videos, and was inspired to create a mountain scape. So I did this all off the top of my head with no references! And it only took 2 hours hahaha... but it's only an 8 by 10 canvas. Anyways, I like it.

I have this little blank book of "positive vibe art" that I'm making. Here I made some random made-up letter art and saying. I like this, except for the fact that it is slightly crooked, and some of my letter art skills didn't work out so well. Such as the slightly messed up "Not" in the upper right corner. But overall I think it is pretty good, and I just need more practice. :)

From Sarah:

I'm really sorry I didn't check back with Esther this week. I don't know if she did her cross hatching and stippling yet. We'll try again...

I did enter another Blick contest online. This one has voting again. Neither Anna nor Leah has joined, but they thought about it.

I am so near the completion of my afghan! I've got all the motifs done and put together, so now I just need to figure out what I want to do with the edges.

And I started a new sketch on my phone. I think I'm giving up on the one I shared before. It was maybe too advanced for my skill level. Haha. I'm pretty sure I'll finish this one though... eventually. XD

P.s. My internet connection is the worst it's ever been while I get up this post, so the preview won't load and I can't double check to make sure it looks okay...


  1. Sorry for no response yesterday... one of those days.
    Leah, you made a painting to be proud of. It shows you absorbed the principles of what you were watching, in combination with all else you have been taught and have learned by practice.
    Very small suggestion, for future reference: To increase depth in landscapes, you can add touches of highlights on edges (or in this case tops) of dark elements, as for instance the foreground rocks and the curve of the front hill, and maybe just a bit in selected tips of the trees. It adds "pop."

    Coincidentally, I was just planning to start a little doodle book (or series) of decorative lettering pages, too. I hope to see more of yours. The thought express in this one is a good one for each of to live by.

  2. Sarah, I looked at your contest entry and voted for you. There is quite a variety entered. One wonders how some of those entries get 200+ votes - sounds fishy. But it is good you enter anyway. If you want actual judged art competitions, not based on public votes, art magazines list them in the back. You can look them up in your library or book store, if you don't subscribe to them.

    Best wishes on the finishing of your afghan. We are looking forward to seeing it, and also the new "phone sketch." Amazing what one can do with technology. And Esther's progress.....
    Your post turned out fine, so whatever the problem with connection, it didn't seem to affect the quality.