Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

Our Valentines

I realize this makes for extra posts in one day, but it's Valentine's Day!  I have to show what we've made.

Last week, Eleanor made a pile of valentines with some felt stickers she got and pretty pink scrapbook paper.  The boys ended up making a few, too, and they've been handing them out and we mailed some to the Grandmas (a little late, though, unfortunately they won't arrive today...)

(And I'm sorry to say that I am having all sorts of technical difficulties and these photos got rotated and will not be undone.  I am giving up in frustration.  Apologies for the upside-down and side-ways.)


I made these little valentines for my younger children (with Gelli prints and Tombow pens, of course!)

And I know this is totally silly, but my husband loves these Red Vines candy from his childhood, so his valentine is this:

Aaaaand one for my romancaphobic 11 year old boy:

Oh, and what says "love" as much as food?  Sorry if this is a little gross, by my kids thought this was a hilarious and fantastic valentine breakfast...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


  1. Last things first: excuse me, but what is that breakfast? Is it edible?

    Good work everyone on your Valentines. I mustn't indicate favorites, at least yet, but I enjoyed seeing alll the creative use of

    materials, blog ideas used, and continuing projects incorporated In the contest projects. Thanks to all who showed entries.

    Sarah, It is good to hear you are going ahead with your ambitious plans. All best wishes, and I for one am looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Regarding classes with no specified homework assignments, those are ones where you need to be self-motivated to try what the teacher is showing. Skulls are good drawing exercises, and highly useful for understanding face structure through anatomy. Even if it isn't Halloween, we won't mind seeing grinning skull and bone drawings here....

    1. The breakfast is hot dogs split lengthwise and pinned together with toothpicks and an egg fried into the "hole".

      And I think you meant the end of the comment for Sarah Y's post, right?

  2. I will try to post contest results tomorrow.

  3. Yes, quite the boys' valentine! So much fun.... I DID make some heart shaped sausage patties for Trevor but refrained from the temptation to make egg hearts :) And it totally cracks me up you served hot dogs for breatkfast (or at all lol)

    1. Yeah, well... It's the 80/20 rule, ya know?

  4. I like, the designs on the paper.