Samstag, 11. Februar 2017

Lettering Practice This Week

Every day, if I can manage it, I give the kids some lunch (or supervise their making it on their own) and stand at the counter nearby and work on my lettering practice for the day.  It's working for now.  The pieces I come up with are not very polished, but acceptable practice.

This one is bronze Sharpie pen and white gel pen on navy cardstock.

For this one, I combined the day's scripture prompt with a prompt from a watercolor challenge (which I am not doing every day).

For this one,I copied a technique I saw someone else do for a dandelion seed puff. I used a little too much paint, so it's darker than I intended.  Also, that indigo paint is just intense.

And for this I copied a frame technique I saw someone else do.  I do lots of copying, but other people just have so many good ideas!  (And I always credit them when I post on Instagram.) Also, on this one, I got it all done and then realized it is upside down in that journal. I turned it over so many times to make the border that I had it all turned around when I did the lettering.. oops.


  1. Katie, these are very inspiring, both that you are managing the time for them and the ideas that you incorporate.
    Question: in the first one with bronze Sharpie, is that a brush tip, or did you do an outline and fill it?

    1. Just a bullet tip and fill-in. :-) I have heard of brush tip Sharpies and if I see some I'll snatch them up for sure!

  2. I LOVE, the lavender one. But there all inspiring.

  3. So gorgeous! Katie, these are lovely; thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I love the last one! It is one of my favorite Bible verses.