Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Chibi and a Pinch of Something

From Leah:

I felt like drawing a chibi and playing with some color pencils, so I drew my little farm girl from the Harvest Moon video game... The only video game I really enjoy hehehe.

From me:

Esther didn't get around to her cross-hatching and stippling exercises, so we'll try again next time...

And I was a major failure at art goals again this week... However, I DID get to the library this weekend so I could look through my how-to-do-cool-stuff pins for hours and get a start on deciding things... I know, I'm pathetic, but I really think I'm getting somewhere. Slowly but surely.

I found this really cool site where you can find the hexadecimal codes for color schemes. What do you think of this one? Doesn't matter. 'Cause we can't afford to re-decide stuff at this point. Haha, totally joking; I would love to hear what your thoughts are!

And I started starting a bullet journal. I have a few pages numbered and a couple headings. Will work on it some more, of course.

So, yeah! Doing stuff while I'm not doing stuff, and things like that... Yeah. XD I'm trying really hard, I promise. A tiny bit of progress is better than none at all, right?


  1. Leah, your drawing is darling, and a good thing to do. Do lots more! even if they are only quick sketches. Not every work needs to be a finished drawing. But some can be developed over the course of days, if need be. If you are keeping a sketchbook with daily works, that is good. Even busy days can get a quick entry if you keep the book and drawing implement handy. It should be as much a part of your day as daily devotions and Bible reading - really! That applies to all of us.

    Sarah, It is very good to hear that you are working on your big plans. Just don't make them so big they don't have time to get done. Starting with less sophistication and then refining as time goes on is quite acceptable for any project in development. The accoutrements are less important than the content; though, of course, the accoutrements are sometimes the fun part. If they involve learning new things, like the color harmonies you show above, that is good. You can make lovely notes and color studies in your Bullet journal about them, thus overlapping the various projects. It might be good also to put in your Bullet journal some priority lists and general timelines for goals. Having written lists, especially with dates, are great motivators to accomplishing things. Make check-off boxes; they help, too. It is OK to revise the dates if impediments come up, but start with something so you can see some concrete progress. Having lovely journals ready to go is nice, but having plain journals with ideas in them is better. Having both in the same book is ideal.

    That color scheme thing looks quite fascinating. Is this for page design in particular, or for anything?

    Best wishes to Esther on getting back to her drawing. Talents need attention, like plants need water.

  2. Hexadecimal codes are fun to play with... I find I have to write them down or I get so frustrated trying to find the right color again!

    And good luck with your bullet journal (bujo!). I find them very fascinating, if somewhat mysterious because I am terrible about following through with any journal project...