Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Little Bits

Color Practice

Today's art was progress on illustrations again, and a bit of journal coloring. While the latter seems mindless, it is actually good practice for color theory. Random doesn't work. One actually needs to put some thought into making a pleasing color map. Here is one, fairly simple. Others will follow.


And here is a gift: hand made in the US, from someone's grandmother's beloved collection, but she has to disperse her things and this was rescued. The arrangement is sealed in acrylic, so you see reflections, but note the detail in the arrangement.



  1. Your coloring looks like a lovely wallpaper pattern, or fabric.
    The butterfly piece seems like it could be Victorian. People then loved those kinds of things.

  2. You drew the lineart and then colored it? Or is the lineart pre-printed?