Montag, 13. Februar 2017


Most of us managed to get entries made for the contest!!! 

(and I managed to get reminded to put this up today! Which might be a bigger deal :)

From the Creon gang (youngest to older) :

Loveta just made messes of a food sort while everyone else make craft items... she LOOOVES avocados, as you can see she just couldn't wait for help with this unopened one!

Katrina helped the younger set make some projects before moving on to her own:

 Gavin (almost 3) (above in the dinosaurs) loves Ice-cream and has featured it in a very creative way on this card:

This one if from Talya (4) and I helped her weave the heart and then she decided to glue it all onto cardboard with a picture of me (because she says "I love you so-much, mommy!")

She also decided she wanted to make a heart faced angel as well:

Ethan (6) loves his mom & dad:

Abigail loves horses and if you look closely you can see the face of her little popsicle stick girl: 

Braden was much too busy thinking about turning 10 on the 10th to consider craft projects....

Bridget (getting close to 12) Loves the out doors! She showed off her quilling skills: 

Katrina (13) loves her bed (as do I mine) She used some of the goodies from Sarah... and the lettering she has been practicing and gave it a shine coat with the gloss:

Evelyn (15) also chose quilling because it goes so well with hearts and love (the "I" above the heart as an eye she especially liked) check out the fruity colors: 

 And I cheated a little
I had a birthday gift to make for my dear Pastor's wife Debbie, so I spent the morning of her birthday stealing an idea from Katie... I used my favorite apron as a pattern and changed it up a little and added a red heart so that the letter of the rule was followed (I gifted the heart the pocket for her to find upon her first use- which she did) 

~Happy Valentines Day everyone~


  1. Nice job, everyone! I LOVE the quilling, girls!

  2. Wow. Quite the undertaking. Fun to be creative. More than I was.
    Time fly's to fast.
    Sarah my creativity was stamping hearts on packages to send the grandkids so they'd receive their time. It involved and extra long lunch break.
    Happy Valentine's day to all the lovelies who read and write on this post.

  3. Love them all! And Talya's valentine made me tear up a little... The one she loves so much is Mommy. You will never again be loved as intensely as you are in these days.

  4. Trevor and I have really never celebrated Valentines Day.... but this year he came home mid-day with a big boquet of flowers!!! and while he hung around a little bit, the "surprise" from my dad arrived in the form of a Valentines Day barbershop quartet Singing Valentine : "Let me Call you Sweetheart" and Heart of My Heart, I love you" Which made me start balling because Mom and Dad sang that at our wedding... I sort of suspected Dad's though when he told Trevor to "make sure I was home in the morning" Happy Valentines... the kids made some more goodies (egg carton roses and cut up hearts) so we are off to deliver those to grandma.

  5. I love, how Evelyn, and Bridget's turned out.

  6. Loraine, that is special; a memory made.