Samstag, 25. Februar 2017

Lettering Catch-up

I realized that I haven't showed my lettering practice for quite awhile.  So I guess I'll do a big catch-up post and show everything I've got.  

I this one I had the idea to letter on one of my gelli prints.  You can't really tell in the photo but the copper color is actually metallic and shiny.  The lettering really doesn't have a enough contrast, though.  Needs more white outlining and such, but the white pen didn't want to behave on the acrylic.

For this one I used a technique where I colored on a smooth piece of plastic with one pen, then ran another pen through that before writing. That adds color to the pen I'm using and makes subtle blending.

I did this one on Valentine's Day so I wanted to make a heart and thought I would try out a banner to go with it. It was a really fun project with a few learning mistakes.  Then I got all done and realized it looks like a tattoo!  Well... that's not what I intended.

This one is written with a purple pen and shading added with blue.

I got a small toned gray sketchbook so that I could paint and draw with white.  This one kind of evolved with no plan, so it has a few design problems, not to mention the fact that I dotted the "n" instead of the i", haha.

Another thing I'm wanting to practice is the use of different letter styles in one piece.   I was pretty happy with this idea, other than some obvious letter-spacing problems.

...And this is what happens when you have a habit of leaving your art out on the kitchen counter and your toddler has a habit of climbing on the counter... sometimes with his mud-boots on.

I really admire loose floral watercolor, especially with ink.  I've been playing with it and here decided to add in my lettering prompt... with poor planning, leading to crowding.  That is one of my most common problems now and I know it could be solved by spending more time with a pencil planning out my designs, and yet I always find myself flying by the seat of my pants.  Oh well, It's all for practice and quantity, not finished works, I guess.

More in the toned sketchbook with some inky flowers:

On this day I tried coloring with my brush pens instead of only writing with them.  I drew the wreath with a Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen (super awesome pen!  I want to eventually get all the colors...) and colored in and then lettered with Tombow brush pens.

And finally, more loose florals, and poor letter planning.  I really want to figure out the floral thing... mine just aren't quite as fresh and luscious as what I see others are I and want them to be.

And that's it for now.  I might take a break from near-daily practice since I am leaving in a few days to visit family for a week.  I'm taking only the toddler who can still fly in my lap and the days are already packed with plans.  Looking forward to a change of scenery!


  1. Lovely works, Katie. And it is so good you are persevering. Taking a break is OK!
    I like the tones on grey, and your shaded letters. The "God is love" floral turned out very well. If you like what other people do too, it is perfectly ethical to copy for your own practice. It helps us to see what works and leads us to see what we might do, the same or different, to get the effects we want.
    Sorry about the boot marks on your work. Know how it goes,...
    Enjoy your trip.

  2. The loose floral water color, and your inky flowers, are my favorite. Also are you going to do more to the last one,with the blues?

  3. Ahh! So much pretty! I super love the "Winter Bright" one!