Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

Little Block

Folk Style

Pam, this is for you.

A few sketches

A sample block, quite small. Paint background colors or white. Have wine at hand.

A sketch a design, or just begin.

Paint base tones for each shape. Note some leaves have double colors  from dipping brush without cleaning last color, on purpose.

Continue adding base colors and start layering. A good brush is vital.  Mine was rather worn.

Begin adding line work.

Add brights and deep tones.

Erase pencil marks and add details like dots. This got some "clean up" afterward to sharpen some areas. These are quite tiny, so brush strokes will show, on purpose (unless you do a miniature technique, which takes ages).

Another side on color. This is started with no sketch, only an idea.

Central placement and radiating design.

Add filler and shading and detail dots. (See finished design below.)

Another white side. Technique with thick paint.

Load brush with two tones and paint in direction of petal.

Keep paint "juicy" as you layer.  Do not "work" it or scrub. Put it down lightly and leave it.

Work outward from focus figure.

Add shading and  details. Clean up edges better than this. (Wear strong glasses.)

Mine look better from a distance.....

Continue around the block on all visible sides.


Note: Another method for more control would be to use acrylic marker pens and gel pen details.
For tutorials and design ideas look up Bauernmalerie (German for "farmer painting).

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  1. Ooh, that's cool! The rose-ish one with the petals you paint on top of one another makes me think of a snippet of something I saw on TV many years ago when I was little, where they dipped their brush in between paints and worked sideways to give a kind of variegated color for the petals.