Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Art by Ruth and Cami

Ruth sent these results of their creative evening after a scrumptious dinner, for a memorable Happy Valentines Day.
A so-gorgeous setting for the ladies' creativity.

A beautiful art work by Ruth.

A detail of the following piece

So pretty, from Cami . A garden-y look. Very pleasing

And a make-your-own valentine

And more

"She had lots of fun with these." These are great to save and hang each year.

"Free-hand string art" (not sure which artist did this one)

From a coloring book - definitely a heart shape, so it counts (by Ruth?) She wrote, "This took hours, but fun." What a beautiful color scheme and delicate work. Frame and hang this!

 She wrote, "It has red hearts in the border. Does that count?" Of course it does. This is from a coloring book of sea themes. A beautiful collection, ladies. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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