Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Elm Again

Today the fog was high, so the views were clearer. In fact, in the afternoon, only a few high patches were left, so we could see the mountains and the boys had more visibility. This is what I saw on my late-morning walk:

Our room view today.

The church

A tombstone

This where I did not turn off. The yellow sign says "avalanche danger."
My path today, going up...(looking down on Elm below)

... and more up.....

...until I got to that small barn, where the walk-able path ended, but....

...something was there.

These. Though they are not native, they do well in this type of climate.
Then I went back down to town to see the mountains clearing.

A sign had this explanation of the panorama.

In the mountain peaks somewhere on the right there is a large hole all the way through the rock, so that at certain times the sun shines through. The church in Elm was carefully situated so that twice a year, on March 12 and 13, and on October 1 and 2, the sun through the hole shines right on the church. Stonehenge calculations.

The Panixer Pass on the left, is where the Russian troops crossed; and where some little persons in my family and their Papa did a very strenuous hike many years ago.

A view toward the Panixerpass in real life..

The town's Old Folks Home.

A detail of the Old Folks Home.
The church yard. I could hear someone practicing a trumpet for the Ordination happening there this Sunday.

Another tombstone with a common name in this town, the Elmers from Elm.

A typical house entrance.

A special huge stone set up in the middle of town.

Some typical chimneys on an old house.

A water fountain at a farm.

Local wildlife.

A door grille. 
A tiny little "shop" along the way by the farmhouses for passersby to buy some polished stones - purely on the honor system: put your money in the little box below.

Colorful painting on the little "shop."

Some wood window decorations.
Back at the hotel, when I wasn't editing, I started a little felt Elm creature.

The sticks I snitched from a bush along the river.
It will have felted wool added to shape the body and add features. To be continued.

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