Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

Felted and Horned

Remember the Elm Creature? Sometimes I start things and it takes a while (or forever) for me to get back to them, but this one I have been working on.

The beginnings of felting, over the base, with bead eyes added

I know it is easy to ask,"What is the use of that?" (not that anyone is so impolite to say so out loud yet), but I am enjoying working on the many, many things that I put off for many, many years while I was busy being Mom/teacher/and all those other shoe-fillers we must be. I still am those things, but just less intense right now. So I am trying various materials, and techniques, and styles, and subjects that have filled my sketchbooks and shelves for years. The resulting product is not that important right now. I am in the stage of  "The first hundred don't count," as I practice new things or refresh old things.

Most of the felting done, except leg-tops

It is important that when we begin new things, we not try to produce a masterpiece first thing. We should just dive in, do our best, enjoy the making, and then let it go and move on to the next piece in the same series. That is the only, only way to get to the stage where we will be happy with and competent in what we are doing. Then we can set about wow-ing the world with our masterpieces, but not until then.

So, I was enjoying felting.

All felted, with ears and shadings, awaiting horns

Then the critter need some horns, so I pulled out my FIMO and made a set, and few other things, because, when one is setting up the craft oven to bake the clay anyway, one may as well do a full load for future projects. Now I have ideas for those.

Various polymer clay shapes (some from molds, with additions, like hairs and ornaments), including horns

Then with some fiddling and fussing I got it in some shape and called it done.

The Elm creature, something like an Alpine Gemsbok, (otherwise known as a Chamois), but grey, not brown, because that is the color I had

Sweet Boy

Grandma's.... they love their little darlings and know the little darlings will grown up before you can blink, so how about we capture a look in a picture? How about it is not a just a photo? So, for a happy Grandma, by request: Mary, this is my first drawing, so you know I am working on it. More to come.

Colored pencil study sketch

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