Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

February Light

From Katie...

In some ways I think Valentine's Day is the stupidest holiday of all.  (So commercialized!) BUT... then there's the fact that it's in February, so dreary and uninteresting, and the only other holiday to choose from is President's Day (ho-hum).  And it's kinda nice to have an low-stress excuse to celebrate and have fun in February, no strings attached.

It's also a lot more fun as a mom, with all these little people in my house to be excited and who always love any small excuse for something fun and special.

So I strung up some twinkle lights and dug out some melted crayon wax paper hearts I made ages ago, and put them to new use.  The children mailed a few valentines they made, and now we are scanning recipes to come up with a yummy sweet treat to bake, preferably involving plenty of chocolate and somehow heart-shaped.

I just saw the post about the coloring contest, so that adds a little more fun, perhaps to be pursued on Sunday afternoon, usually our slow family day.


  1. I agree that February needs something to celebrate. It isn't much noticed here, but I love the day, and we always do something for it.

    I like your melted crayon idea - it makes lovely effects. Would you give a brief "How to"?

  2. It's been so many years, I'm not sure if I even remember exactly what I did... I think grated (or chopped?) old crayons and sprinkled the bits between sheets of waxed paper. Then I ironed (with the paper and crayon between layers of newspaper) and cut shapes of the papers after they cooled.