Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

Changing Color

From Pam

This post could be titled "How I spent My Valentines Weekend". I was not drawing, cutting or coloring valentines for my loved ones. But I was giving a gift of sorts to my sweetheart.

Typically during the winter here we do updates in our home- painting and updating and just generally doing some freshening up. Once spring arrives all our efforts at upkeep turn to the farm and gardens outdoors so I try to get something done in the house during the depths of winter. With the wedding occupying all my time in January, there isn't much time left for anything big. I decided to repaint our master bathroom since my husband was never very enamored with the color and I was just ready for a change.

I have to the need for change a part of the creative mind? I really don't like things to remain static in my life and that goes for anything- colors, decor, arrangements, menus, etc. Every few years I have a need to change my environment- move the furniture around, paint the walls or a piece of furniture, buy a new rug- something to shake up the visual landscape I live on. Is that just me? Or do other creative people do the same? I know some people are content to live with things always the same- the wall colors always the same, the furniture arrangement or wall decor the same, and they are perfectly happy. Not me. This is an example.

A few years ago I painted the walls of our bathroom a rich chocolate brown. A surprising choice to some but I loved it (still do). With cobalt blue tile that I hand made myself with clay and a rolling pin, and a matching blue glazed sink that I made on the pottery wheel and fired in my kiln, I am restricted in the color pallette. I really like how blue goes with beige, brown and white so that is the color pallette I used. Chocolate brown was an accent color in my adjacent bedroom so it tied them together.



I made the sink and tile probably about fifteen or more years ago. I made a sink for our other bathroom also and last winter I remodeled it and took it out. When we first built the bathroom it was important to me to have those hand made elements.

I still really like the richness of the brown walls but my husband never liked the color. I decided to give him a pastel color that he liked better since this is his space too (though he doesn't care about aesthetics as much as I do). I chose a pale blue grey for the walls and repainted the cabinets (which were originally stained oak before becoming white in the last remodel) a medium grey. 


That color change really changes the feel of the room don't you think?

I had the glass knobs on hand from a different project and absolutely love them on the grey cabinets.


Our small town has a great paint store where we know the owners who are extremely knowledgable and helpful. I have learned when picking a paint color to always ask for their advice. In this job I told them what I was doing. First we chose a pastel blue that would go well with the cobalt tile. When I told the owner that I wanted a medium grey for the cabinets but that the floor was also blue, he instructed me that the grey should have a warm tone and not a blue tone. I had been thinking that the grey would need to have undertones of blue to match. He said the grey would reflect the blues and if it already had a blue tone it would look blue rather than grey in the room. I think he was absolutely right and I am very happy with the way the walls and cabinets look together.

And my husband loves it.


  1. What a most marvelous Valentines gift. You don't do halfway measures, do you?
    That was a huge project, but it looks great. I myself have to agree that the new colors are more pleasing (though the chocolate was luscious, it just is not my color), and it makes the space lighter, which is always a good thing, in my opinion. That is why I live with mostly white walls. And they don't change. If environmental changes are required for creative living, I don't qualify. I like sameness.Some of my offspring are quite the opposite, so our house has seen changes from their influence. I guess, for me, that if the atmosphere is pleasing enough, I would rather not spend my time on painting big walls or cabinets, but put the time into other things. Not that I don't want my walls painted sometimes, but I just don't want to do it. And the new paint will stay white. Is that boring? For me it is a backdrop for the colors of life, which are varied enough to need some calm and consistent base.
    Be that as it may, I always love the brightness of your house, Pam, and enjoy the changes as thy come. And seeing that gorgeous sink again. And I like your knobs - a perfect touch.

  2. Oh, I love it! That gray is really nice and the whole space seems a little bigger. Lovely!

  3. Wow, Pam! I'm impressed.
    I actually prefer the chocolate brown walls, but the gray does look more masculine and makes the room bigger. The sink is the highlight of the bathroom either way - I love it.