Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Valentine Coloring from Katie and Kids

We spent the afternoon with some quiet and peaceful loud and chaotic coloring together.

By five-year-old Evan:

Evan is the "detail guy".  He actually spent hours on this.

By four-year-old Andrew:

Andrew is the "get it done guy".  You can see how he started out careful but after awhile
he just had to finish up as efficiently as possible.

He's also prolific and likes to accomplish as many things as possible.

And mine:

Weird, but all for fun, right?

We used a few other coloring pages I had printed along with Sarah's designs.

Color choices are limited when I'm using the kids' half-dried-up markers.
Also note two-year-old embellishment in the upper corner.


  1. Katie, they are all wonderful. Do tell Evan he is remarkable and did a very fine piece of art. Andrew's color scheme's are really good (did he come up with those himself?) Most special, in my opinion, is your line art piece - now that is creative! Super! I like your overlapping hearts colors and designs, too.
    Thanks for sharing your works.

  2. Andrew and Evan both came up with their own colors and did only what they wanted. Jonah started on a line art page, but then got very frustrated when he couldn't make the "spirograph" look that he wanted it to be. He is very self-critical, and I am very sad that I may have accidentally "encouraged" this by "helping" him too much. He's my first born, and was an only child for so long, that I didn't practice enough "benign neglect" as I have out of necessity with the younger ones. I can really see the difference. As for coloring hearts, well, he's a 10 year old boy, and very against all forms of love, romance, and general "femaleness". Now I wish I had thought to suggest he make some sort of "anti-valentine" of his own design.

  3. Yes, Katie, I understand about not "helping" too much, and I see now that I should have put in those more male appropriate designs. I sort of ran out of time, but did have some in mind - purely geometric, no fluff. But doing one's own is always O.K., too. Or he could have done a cartoon about how boys don't like heart stuff and pink. We live and learn. Maybe he would like to do something totally un-valentine - space ship, truck, gorilla, anything - and show us. We'd love to see and will applaud.

  4. FUN! love the "love"
    And i always appreciate how personality shows through art.... :D