Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

Art School Update

Sarah and Leah are our houseguests (from Wisconsin) and attend Masters School of Art two days a week. They have ten different classes that they take on those days. 

Color theory class seems like a very interesting and useful hour.

For this exercise they mixed colors for the painting using only the three primary colors of red, blue and yellow.

The next week they painted using complementary colors from the color wheel, using the opposite color for the shadows of the pears. Leah said this was a much harder exercise.

Leah is taking a portrait drawing class and has been practicing facial features. (Sarah Marie's lessons have been timely additional instruction!)


An anime class takes another approach to faces-

And a separate class on figure drawing expands the study of the human form even more-

                                                  By Leah Y

      By Sarah Y

These girls have some talent to work with, don't you think? I do!


  1. How wonderful: ten classes of art every week. What a blessing. And a lot of work. Compliments to the young ladies for very fine work. Talent, yes, but this is also obviously a lot of concentrated time for practice they have devoted to developing their skills. This is so good to see - the pages full of practice drawings, and "do it" enthusiasm. So good.
    Are these classes preparatory for later specialized art studies? I always say, Give God a return on His investment; use those talents, somehow.
    Thanks much for sharing. Do continue to do so.

  2. How blessed to have such amazing talent.

  3. It is blessing, but also ANYBODY can work toward proficiency. It is all learn-able for all of us, with time and practice.