Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

Valentines Coloring

Finally... it is CONTEST TIME.
I was, until late, in the city today....

In  Zürich in the rain
So this had to wait; but now, here we go.

This is how it works:
*  You can click on the link below to find three pictures, Valentines designs to color to your heart's content.
*  You may color one, or two, or three, or one of them three ways, or none and do your own design - as long as it evokes "Valentines" in some way (even if it is a satire, should you happen not to like pink frothiness and chocolates - such people do exist, I hear).
*  You should observe the "color" part and not do monochrome.
*  Then you scan it or take a picture and post it here at the Little Bird, or send it to me via e-mail to post for you.
*  The deadline is the end of the day - your day in your time zone - of  Valentines Day on this Sunday.
*  On Monday, early, I hope, I will get a helper and draw a name from all entries (the more you do, the more times your name is in the hat) for a winner. (Of course all entries will be wonderful, so there is no judging of "best.") If you have children or special people who would like to do some coloring too, that is fine, through you. Send them all, just specify a name for each entry.

Design one. You can add your name at the top in the empty oval and a message in the bottom heart.

Design Two, a little simpler.

Design Three, for lines. Simply connect the dots with straight colored lines however you wish. You may want to have some outside lines "jump" the circles and fill those circles separately.

This is a sample for the line designs. It is best to start with your first line NOT going across the center, meaning not with two dots directly across from each other (if you do, you will have no hole in the middle, which you probably want to have). After the first line, go from the dot to the right of your first line's beginning to the dot on the left of where the line ended, so you will get the spiral effect with the lines crossing.

Here is another sample for the line design. When you are done, each dot will probably (should) have two lines going from it. You can have more the two radiating from a single dot if you wish.
Another example, this one showing how you can have your outside lines "jump" certain areas (here, the small circle) to add layered effects.

AND THE PRIZE... I will do a PAPER CUT picture for the winner, in the winner's choice of subject, within parameters. If you win and live in the States, you may have to wait to get your prize until Florian goes over there again in April, but it will get to you.

In order for it to be a contest, at least two people need to enter (or else no prize drawing), so do get out some colors and join the fun.



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