Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

Away We Went

So you can see the Internet is accessible where we are. (It only wants German words, so you will see some odd constructions and too many capitals here.) I mentioned a snow day vacation for a couple of Boys this week. We arrived last night, and the Boys are on the snow now. I don't like my feet whizzing around, especially not down mountains, so I just go for scenic walks. This is what I saw (sorry about the poor picture Quality, partly from bad camera and partly thick fog):

This is the view out our room window looking at the heart of the "Metropolis," - actually a very small town.

Before the Boys went up the mountain to snowboard, we took a little walk to the grocery store to get some water for them. It was snowing. This is the town's bank, in a log house.

Decorations in the bank windows.

This is the main thoroughfare with the historic house on the left where General Suworow stayed one night. He was a Russian General  leading Russian troops through Switzerland to fight Napoleon and would be crossing the nearby Panixer Pass the next day. Rumor has it that some treasure got left in these parts from those troops.

The house is now protected history and serves as an eatery.

An old  house on the main road. The trunk by the wall is a Grape vine - it's been there awhile. Many houses here have ones just as big.

A small statue of the General

Entrance to the historic house. It was built in1748 and the Russians came through in 1799.

A cute small house by the old smithy

A typical house entrance

The door to the bus terminal

The bus terminal on the edge of town (Elm)

A carving on a water trough with the town insignia of a Gemsbok.

This is a sign by a bus stop showing the area where this town is located. These are the mountains that I have shown in Backgrounds of pictures where I go walking at home - the Glarner Alps.

....specifically, in the center at the yellow mark. Green lines are cross Country skiing routes. The Boys went up the blue line to the right from "Station."

This is the town's grocery store (singular), though the town does have a wonderful bakery too, and cheese store, and a very large bottling plant for the famous Elmer Mineral water and Citro soft drink from the springs here.

Because there is only one store, it has to carry all the essentials. So do note what is essential to life: that is Stef's book! (wrapped in plastic, so it has that shine in the picture, but I wanted to show it to you). There were only a handful of books there....

...and three of them were Stefan's - These.

The local church

A graveyard surrounds the church

A very small eating place by the cable car station

Another view of the town, from the cable car station

The outskirts of town

I went walking back by the houses in the previous picture and saw these tracks.

This was beyond those houses. I hope to walk further there later.

So, that is enough for now, though I have more pictures and some Detail shots. Let me know if you like "travel blogs" or not. Maybe if the picture were better.....?

Between times I am back to editing.


  1. Pictures of your travels are great! Keep them coming. Makes one nostalgic for such a beautiful and historic area in snow! Hope you all had a nice reprieve _ (names of Stef's books?)

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  3. This country has to be one of the most glorious places on earth!