Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

New Season Start

Coming soon

Ash Wednesday today.
The stack of editing is now half-way done. In a break, I did some looking and some sketches for the upcoming important holiday - well, not everyone thinks it is important ("It's just commercial, Mom, to sell stuff.") But I like it as a good reason to make stuff. It is good for the mind and the soul to make things, little things for now (and watch Pam's big thing develop). I hope to find some minutes to do so in the next days before Sunday... even if it is Lent now, and a solemn time - Sunday's are always "little Easters," so celebrations are in order.

One page of several from my sketchbook today

Seen today

After some heavy rains and fierce winds, we got new snow last night, wet, clinging snow. So this morning's walk had views of snow-draped everything.

Winter lace
On this stag, too - remarkable

His not-so-lovely lady

Across the hills

A young Steinbock



  1. Haha! I liked the two deer photos. It is rather odd to see a layer of snow on a rack of antlers still attached to a living critter...

  2. That's what I thought - worth a picture. Thom wishes he could be out in the mornings taking these pictures - I would like that, his would be much better than mine.

  3. And you have a garden growing already instead! Trade offs, I guess.