Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Family Art

From the Creon Family, a whole portfolio by all ages.

from Evelyn, 14

from Evelyn, with lovely two-tone greens

from Katrina, 12, with metallic silver (?), (fancy)

from Evelyn

from Katrina

from Bridget, 10 1/2, (the dark "frame" in the upper right makes a good accent).

from Abigail, 7, with pretty shades of blues

from Bridget (instructions noted)

from Bridget, with extra framing lines - good idea! (thanks for the framed name in the corner)

from Katrina, with very nice shadings and layering (and truly all hugs are better with something extra)

From Abigail, 7, (with great thought put into this - nice complementary colors)
from Bradon, 9, (evidently a man who knows where he is going)

From Ethan, 5, from soft shades to decisive darks

from Abigail

from Talya, 3. Wow, remarkable control. (I'd love to see the rest of it done!)

This is a most heartwarming scene: creative children. This was from Advent (The pictures didn't arrive on the blog site for some reason, so we get to see them now.) The children are coloring the pictures of the Jesse Tree. (see below).
The creative Hands of God creatively colored

Adam in all his glory  - See, we do retain still some of the Image of God: look at those colors.
So, I hope I got everyone's pictures in here and none omitted.
 Many Thanks for the creative colorings.


  1. Prolific! Those dot hearts look like they took a lot of time and diligence. The end result is woven. Great job, kiddos!

  2. Wow Mom. Your coloring pages are a hit.

  3. it always looks like a bunch when you have a bunch ;) but of course one can't decide which "one" to do, (except Braden... Talya was just handed one) so most attempt to do them ALL. All this was done after getting home late (almost 3pm) and then in between cooking (mostly the 10 yr. old- with my help at the end)and eating a fancy dinner: Crab and shrimp over parsnips and asparagus.. with wine and spices... i don't know the name...but.... It was delish... sorry no pictures of that... don't hardly have time to photo art around here let alone food. sigh. We however (Trevor and I).. paired it with a white wine blend our neighbors bottled during dinner and then after the kids went to bed we enjoyed a tiny bottle of raspberry wine (which a good friend gave me after the baby was born) and 85% dark chocolate (of course). We really never "celebrate" Valentine's Day, but this year we did. And it was quite nice. With art to boot (thanks to you) also a couple of the kids made simple valentines and handed them out.

  4. i guess i should've said that this was all colored pencil... probably obvious... we rid the house of all other coloring utensils because of coloring on the walls. The older kids (i think 9 & up) use the fancy primsacolor ones and the younger ones use the cheap pencils that i bought in a school teacher package(with like 24 of each color) that i periodically replenish for a special treat. Yes Katrina loves the silvers and greys. She also loves detailed work like you make.. her drawing is like that- so it is fitting and special to her that she won.