Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

Moving On

...with life after a family wedding. Back to business, and school and a tiny bit of hibernation before the early spring calls us with all its work.

We have two sisters from Wisconsin who are living with us until summer so that they can attend a Christian art school in the big city. (Masters School of Art. Check out their website to see the amazing artworks produced by young students, some of them very young. ) My son, Samuel, attended for one semester when he was twelve and I took an adult painting class there last spring. The girls are doing two days (ten classes) every week until June. Samuel is going along for one day and, glory be!, Peter (feeling left out) became bold enough to register for a day of classes also. He isn't inclined to do fine art but after having his first drawing 101 class last Friday declared he enjoyed it. 

Among the subjects they all are doing is animal drawing, computer art (Photoshop), lyrical dance, color pencil, acrylic painting and they are all taking a photography class.

The girls had their first day of art school last Thursday. The first class was color theory and their very first lesson was monochromatic tones. They brought home their results.

I think they are off to a really great start!

Sarah posted scenes from her winter walk. I am back to walking also, now that I'm not preparing for a wedding. Here are scenes from my walk (with the girls) this weekend.

             At the neighbors


                   It's been a windy winter

                            A fairy house!

Feeling ready to begin a creative project today, I went through my trunk of fabric scraps to see what I had to work with. I also browsed a couple of my quilting books for inspiration. 

I have a plan!

                                   And now I have a pallette!


  1. It is so very good for young people to study art. Once upon a time it was part of the normal curriculum. I look forward to seeing the development in further lessons.
    Context - where you you live and what you see - adds much to one's creative endeavors. Thanks for that. While the wheel gate/fence looks wicked with that barbed wire, the fairy house is delightful (is it natural?) and the background peak with horses impressive.
    Best of all are the delicious fabrics. So beautiful! I wish we had such here, not just geometrics. Actually we do in a few far off specially shops at wallet breaking prices. Will you show us what you make?

  2. The fairy house is a completely natural, moss covered stump.

    I'm glad you like the fabrics. The project is for the quilt that I am under contract with Sigmund to make, so yes, I'll keep you posted!

  3. Wow... isn't that flower print fabric the one that became matching dresses, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 years ago...???