Montag, 6. Juni 2016

A Movie Quote for My Wall

I've had this idea rumbling around for awhile, but hadn't found just the right thing for it.

A couple weeks ago at a yard sale, I found this sign, decorated by some child with a marker and not so pretty as a result.

So I took off the little metal heart and painted the board with a stain-blocking primer to make sure that marker wouldn't come back to haunt me.  I followed that with a couple of coats of a nice greenish gray paint that I had around.

After some sketching, planning and a heap of masking tape (which was possibly more hindrance than help), I painted this quote from The Princess Bride.

I love words.  I love art.  Words + Art = Bliss.  Maybe the letters aren't perfectly spaced or straight, but it wasn't done by a computer, and I like the slightly rustic style.

When I went to hang it on the wall in my living room, I realized this:

I hadn't checked for the top of the board before I started painting and the hanging slot was at the bottom.  Sigh.  Details...

So I just hung it up by the edge of the board and I'm sure it will be just fine.  I like it.  And my husband and oldest son will daily shake their heads in bemusement at my strange ideas of decor...