Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2016

A Villa

An Italian Villa

This where the wedding party stayed (but not me). One entered the property through large gates, and a pretty garden.

The entrance hall

The kitchen where we ladies made pizzas for the pool side "Meet and Greet party."  There were no pizza pans, so we improvised.

looking out from the breakfast room to a deck

The library looking out to the yard and pool

the other side of the Library

An alcove off the breakfast room. That is a stone and tile fountain on the back wall.

the living room

-in case one need tea while in the living room -

That was nice to see, but it is not how I live. Back to busy....


  1. Wow!
    And the copper pots in the kitchen- double Wow!

  2. They were nice, but we didn't use them. Pretty kitchen though. The whole property was pretty.

  3. Somehow that interior décor doesn't jive with me. It doesn't seem properly Italian, or truly elegant... But the house seems big enough and so well laid out that I'd probably be happy to live there and fill it in my own style. Man, that library... Imagine it filled with my books.

  4. I would guess that the owners took out all the finest stuff for themselves, and put in - shall we say - lesser quality furnishings that would assume some status for the transient guests. One never knows what might be passing through after all. The house itself had a very fine feel and the layout was grand and grounds once elegant. More than likely taxes compelled some alteration of arrangements to what it is now. As to the library, that I found disappointingly small. You would need to exchange the grand living room for the library to have enough space.