Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016

Crocheted Baby Sandals

So, I don't remember if I found this pattern on Pinterest, or if my grandma shared the link on Facebook and I saved it to my Pinterest, but I definitely like that I met it. Haha.

Baby sandals. They were surprisingly easy, and took a miniscule amount of yarn to make them. See the tiny balls of yarn I used? I didn't even use them up.

Okay. The pattern was free, off this site: http://chrisdfriend.tripod.com/christals_crochet/index.blog/1898736/peekaboo-toes-baby-sandals/

So, here's the first round of the sole,

And the second round.

But then I forgot to take pictures of the progress until I got to...Well, this stage, where it was almost done. Haha, sorry.

After the white sole, you worked in the back loops to do the sides and top, then did a round of trim on the edge. The bottom sole was a duplicate of the first sole, slip stitched to the slipper.

They turned out a little crooked... And they looked a little plain. The ones in the pattern had these cute little star buttons on the front for decoration. I had no cute star buttons. So I improvised. I designed a tiny star motif to sew on the shoes. I don't know if there's already a pattern like this out there, but I took this off the top of my head. It was way easier than I expected. I was half asleep at the time, so maybe my hands just know crochet all by themselves. Haha.

Here's the steps (in US terms):

In a magic ring, (sc, ch3, sl st into first ch) 5 times.

Sl st into first sc of rnd. Fasten off.

SO EASY, right?

And it was fun, too. :)

I sewed the stars onto the sandals, and wove the yarn ends in.

Now they are all ready to give to my niece!


  1. Oh, These are the most darling! Sarah, you had the most creative touch making those stars. Hmmm.... and all from your head without pattern. That is an accomplishment. Such a cute project.

  2. Also, I'd love to see a photo of the sandal on the baby's foot with her little toes peeking out!

  3. Oh, I LOVE them! Adorable. And yeah, I reeeeeally need to see these on some little baby feet!