Montag, 13. Juni 2016

Italy Arrival

Arrival in Sorrento

Last week I was away for a family wedding in Italy. The city where we stayed was Sorrento on the peninsula south of Naples. It sits on high cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples and has a long history of invasions, by Greeks, Romans, Turks, Normans, Hapsburgs, and both sides in the World Wars.  It has been important strategically as a port area, and economically for fishing. All the tourist towns along the coasts were only accessible by boat for eons, until a coast road was built only some decades ago.

Some of us stayed in an apartment, in a very old house, once inhabited by a boat maker.

Enter your abode. Behold the door knocker.

Very close by was this church with gorgeous wood work furnishings.

A view of the bay from the end of the street. Nearly all the coast line is lined with fancy hotels to get the best views.
This is the staircase where we stayed. One sees painted tiles everywhere.
The apartment was on this very narrow street. Many of the first-time-abroad- Americans were astounded by the closeness of everything, the smallness of the vehicles - and gas stations - and the minuscule allowances for passing.
I am sorry about the poor quality of this picture, but this door knocker was so pretty.

A house, so picturesque

Gelato, so scrumptious

A tiny produce truck, so colourful. Note the arrays of blooms behind. This was just outside the train station.

Wouldn't we all like to have this on our street?

Some people wanted to sample the cuisine, a lot. So after a fish dinner, then gelato, we stopped for platters of mixed sea food (which one of us declined), at this tiny cafe late at night..

Do you see why I declined?

So this was my very first attempt to do a blog post on my own with all new equipment and systems, and my little black book of notes. I have much to learn, but maybe in time mine will look as nice as Katie's and Pam's. In the meantime, please forgive my blundering.

Tomorrow, we will, I hope, see some lovely thing from Sarah Y, then on our Wonderful Wednesday something from Maria. I will be trying to learn more in the meantime.

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