Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

More Coast

Onward in Italy

These are more views along the Amalfi coast road.

Looking over the edge of the road.

All the fishing villages used to look like this some decades ago. This one has not been touched by the "progress."

Our driver told us that this hotel was the site of an important meeting and Hillary Clinton was there. My nephew replied, "I'm sorry."

The road and view

We stopped here on a tiny turn out, dashed across the road, went down some stairs, descended through the cliff wall....

......and came out here. Then we went into the cave entrance straight ahead......

.....and clambered into these little boats to be rowed around this cavern....

..... which is called "The Green Grotto" for the sunlight that filters in here through the underwater hole in the cave wall.

At some time someone submerged a Baby Jesus figure here and He is one of the attractions the boatman points out.

Then on we went. Passing busses gets tricky. The mirror is us, the big thing the bus. Only very few inches separated them.
Scooters and yachts and aerial perspective

Coastal town

And more

We were told the hole in the rock has a fancy restaurant in it and a marvellous view.

Busy summer days here. I hope yours are pleasant and productive.


  1. That's the one place I hope to go before I die.

    Just got home from a quick trip to Canada. Now I must focus on baking for the weekend and bridal couples.

  2. Hmmm. "Quick trip to Canada." Is that like my saying I took a jaunt to France? Well, actually our young people did do that. No staying in ones own village these days.
    So, do see that coast.

  3. That road. That road was so much fun in the Mouse, but I sure remember wishing we were on motorcycles when we drove it. Great road. I need to go back.