Samstag, 18. Juni 2016

Onward in Pompeii


Today was a very busy day here, so I can only give you a few more Pompeii pictures.
These are from a couple of villas, to show you the fine architecture and decoration from two millennia ago.

This is the front hall looking into the atrium. The building is fairly large, but the rooms - except this one - were quite small. probably because they had no over abundance of STUFF. The flower picture in yesterday's post was in the dark square behind the elbow on the left. You can glimpse the bit of red.
Isn't this a happy border for a room? Centaurs wooing ladies (never mind what that means).
In my opinion it is an owl, so I like it.
On many streets were these counter-like structures. They were the equivalent of McDonalds, street shops for food. The holes held cooking pots, with fires underneath. This one had very fine marbles, so maybe it was a step above a fast food place.
In another villa were these very fine marbles before the entrance to a reconstructed garden.

Looks like an angel to me.

A view overlooking a segment of the city

That is all for now. Next up the famous mosaic of Alexander.


  1. So I'm noticing a little technological issue... The photos you are posting since your tech upgrade seem to be very big files (high resolution) and are taking a long time to load. Are you taking pictures with a new camera or device? The settings may be able to be changed so that the files are a little smaller. :-)

    1. On my iPad they are loading the same, so must be only an issue with laptops.

    2. Your connection is faster than mine...