Freitag, 17. Juni 2016

Figs, Lemons, and More Italy

Baked Delights

Mary made a special pie for a special occasion. She said it is a no-guilt low calorie pie, so why not?

It looks like somebody liked it.

Today Daria made fig newtons. We had found some fresh figs yesterday, and she decided to use a sugar cookie dough, with this result. Great job, Daria. That was a few minutes ago, and they are almost gone.


Italy, Continued

More from Pompeii.

This unfortunate soul looks like he is contemplating the just reward of his wicked city. This is a cast of the hollow left after the living things were covered in the volcanic ash, then long-time later dug up. The urns and objects in the back were recovered from the buildings. a thick layer of volcanic material covered the city and preserved what was underneath, some without crushing.

A back street in a residential section, looking toward a main street. Now we know where narrow streets come from.

In the main streets are these huge blocks, which were for pedestrians to be able to cross the garbage strewn streets without soiling their feet. The stones are spaced for chariot wheels to pass between, though one wonders if the horses had to jump. Many roads show the deep ruts worn into the rock from long years of wheels passing in the same spot.
The steep-sided amphitheater

The temple to Isis, a cult imported from Egypt.

This is, I think, a wonderful piece of art. It is part of a wall fresco in a villa, a single bloom set in a fine border. Look at those beautiful curves and the depth and shading. This is not the work of primitives.

A part of another fresco in a small alcove in a different villa.
A short hallway in one villa had a series of these tiny creatures decorating its length, all similar, but each one unique.
 More to come.


  1. Whoa, those stepping stones make me so thankful for modern garbage disposal!

  2. Quite so. Or even compost piles out back.