Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

Old Sketchbook Samples

I tried really hard this week to do something new to put on the blog here, but nothing would come. It was like my creativity was lost in a mucky marsh in the fog and I couldn't pull it out, or something. Sorry, but I decided to give you all a glimpse into my sketchbook! Hope that will suffice. :)

Here's a page from 2008, when I started playing around with shading and stuff, inspired by the illustrations in some books I read. Below is the original photo I took, but I wasn't sure if you could see it well enough, so I lightened up another version of it and added it as well...

The lightened version:

My style didn't change much through 2011... Please excuse the silly notes. Haha.

Um...this was breakfasts at different angles... Doodles from 2012.

I designed a make-believe album cover for a make-believe band... with color pencil.

Pen and ink fairy. I know, I know, her legs are different lengths. Haha. I guess my foreshortening didn't work very well. This was from 2013.

Well, that's all I've got for you today. Sorry about that. Usually I try to do something at least a little bit creative even when I don't feel like it, but I just couldn't think of anything this week. What do you do when your right brain won't play?


  1. Sharing sketchbook sketches is a great idea. I love seeing the thought processes that go into finished works, and sketch books are our thought processes; whether or not an individual sketch gets translated into a further work, it will be a development that the brain draws on in subsequent works. You have a good variety of forms here, and all of them point to you being - potentially, if you dive in - a wonderful illustrator of your own or others' stories. Right brain will play if you feed it: give it a story and then picture the story. Of course, jewellery and crochet are fine creative forms too, and one can never run out of ideas for that. Even if a piece isn't done, you can share in-progress works. Sometimes we can't finish a whole piece in a week, but that's O.K. Thanks giving us a peek into your sketches.

  2. When I am lacking inspiration, but I want to do SOMETHING... I turn to Google. (Of course.) I find something to copy or riff. I like to try new lettering styles, or find a flower to sketch (because I love doing flowers).