Montag, 20. Juni 2016

Coast Tour

Setting Out

We did a driving tour of the Amalfi Coast. This is south of the Sorrento peninsula, and consists of a narrow winding road along the mountain sides high above the sea far below. Perched on a few mountain sides are steeply ascending villages, that were once tiny fishing villages accessible only by boat, but are now major tourist attractions and recreation getaways for the rich and famous. Our driver told us about some American who bought up several villas on some coastal islands for x-tens of millions to rent out to others like himself.

The villages though retain some of their original charm in their architecture and tiny streets - meant for nothing bigger than donkeys - and fabulous views.

Our first official stop (we did dozens of others along the way for "Oh, a picture here!") was Positano. I found I did not end up with much depiction of the quaintness, so we will have to see Mary's photos maybe.

Another of the many quick stops along the road to look back on where we had come. That line on the mountain is the road.
The morning was foggy but did not obliterate the views.
In Positano

More of Positano. Mary kept noting the places were not "handicap accessible" and could hardly be required to be. Getting from here to there in any part of town was good exercise and all was done by walking.
On the beach looking at prime real estate. Whoever kept his in the family is well off now.

The village church in the background.
Inside the church 
 More pictures of the rest of tour will follow another days here. I am hoping to see some of your goings on too, and I will soon have some of my projects to share.

Back Home 

Recent goings on include boys making a "drift trike" for a neighbour's school project, and the reclaimed scooters, the first of which is working - "for Mom." Creative effort: learn to ride t.

It is pink, but it is the only one running so far, so even boys will ride it.
Yep, really. Passenger is saying, "Turn this like this to go faster." Driver is saying, "Not so fast! We are doing 10k/h already!"
At least these are still and peaceful.
 I am sorry for not getting the photo sizing figured out yet, but that lesson is on the agenda for tomorrow, when my tutor gets a chance to look through all this.

Also, some of you need to hear from me, and I am hoping to get to that soon, too.

If anyone can do a post on Friday, and maybe Saturday, it would be very helpful. Let me know, please.


  1. Pooooosssiiiiittttaaaaaaannoooooooooooo!!!


    I'm sorry, but I laughed for ten minutes at that PHOTO!!

    I can't believe it, but there it is. Photographic proof.

  2. Except it doesn't really look like the bike is moving at all....

  3. HAHAHA! Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your scooter adventures! Made my night. Also, I may be a tad jealous. :D

  4. Yeeeeeeeessss!! Sweet ride for a trendy mama! :-D

    I apologize for my own lack of posts... I do have a project in the works out on my front porch, I should have it done later this week to post Friday.

  5. Well, I am glad you all approve. And absolutely yes, the bike was most certainly moving, speeeeeding.
    That was one ride, but I am supposed to continue practicing. I actually will after the constant rain lets up. Maybe I will get brave enough to tucker down to town to pick up the bakery goods when no one is home to drive, instead of my having to walk to get them. Hmmm, incentive.
    Thanks for offering a post for Friday, Katie. Concerts that day, and young peoples heading off to adventures in various directions. Looking forward to yours.

  6. By the way, I did get a lengthy computer lesson today, so the photo sizing on tomorrow's post should be better. I know how to make folders and put stuff in them, and how to delete things already used, and other important tasks that y'alls do in your sleep, but which is all mind-bogglingly new to me.
    And then I saw some pretty blogs, artsy blogs, by people who like to do computer things, and one could despair at the comparison, or use it as a push to keep trying. I am attempting to stay somewhere in the middle at least.
    The more the rest of you post, the higher the average quality of this site, you know....

    1. If you hanker after a fancy blog layout, maybe some pretty lettering, etc, that I something I could do. I know enough HTML and CSS code to get in there and tinker...

  7. I love that offer. You are welcome to do anything you wish, including adding new birds, new side patterns, or your art work, or maybe someone else wishes to offer something for a part. Thanks! Stefan just put this together in a quick set up last year picking stuff off the internet.

    1. Well. If it is free license you offer, I do have something in mind. ;-)