Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

Back Home and New Skills


YOHOO! This post is done on two new computers, with the assistance of my at-hand expert, Maria. Thanks, Maria. So, she set up an App so I can also do posts on the Pad, which would have been handy last week, but time did not allow. Anyway, I am learning dizzying amounts of techy stuff, and am trying to keep it all straight.

First item for this post is to say THANK YOU to all who put up lovely posts while I was away. I really, really hope you continue. I have requests for more, on chickens, coops, jewellery, flowery cakes, and other wonders. Painted furniture, too.

I have pictures from the trip to Italy for the family wedding, so those can follow over days ahead, BETWEEN other posts of your things. Also I have started my summer on-line craft classes, so will show progress on those, when I finally make some progress - I am starting late now.

Before I went to Italy for the wedding, Daria and I went into town to the glass studio to make some fused glass plates. Mine were for wedding gifts. They were accompanied by some some boxes of scrumptious special chocolates, which I suspect might be remembered longer than the plates....

Glass Plates

As I wrote to the bridal couple, this plate is intended to remind them of the lush spring greenery of Italy at the time of their wedding. Flowers were blooming everywhere, and the greens were well watered and not dried by summer heat. 

This plate in blues is a sun rise, significant of the beginning of their new life together. I told them that when they are ninety years old and looking back on a good long life together, they can say it shows a sunset and think of the story told in their Best Man's speech. He was the groom's brother. He had prepared a standard "wonderful people" speech for the bride and groom, but said "We all know that," so he scraped it at the last minute and decided to tell about something that moved him deeply. Thus (paraphrased), " When we were in Pompeii a couple of days ago, I saw an old, old man and an old, old woman stopped at a step. The going is not smooth on those ancient streets, but this was a mere six inch step down, and they were figuring out how to negotiate it safely. These people were nearly dead! really, really old.! So, I went over and helped the old woman to step down. We got to talking and I asked what they were doing there. The old, old man said it was their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary and his wife wanted to do this for that occasion. Seventy-five years! I asked how they did that. The old man said, "Do you see who went ahead?" (All laughed.) Then he said, "I promised to take care of her." Then, when I offered to help him down the step, he refused and managed himself. He was still determined to be her caring man." This speech was complimented by many as the best wedding speech ever. (He told it better than I did here and included other incidents of life with his brother - it was good.)
 Next up from me, if I have this computer stuff figured out, pictures from Italy. 

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  1. So glad you are back! And I am impressed with your exploding technical skill. Lots of new doors open with tech! (If you ever get interested, there are lots of great drawing apps for tablets. We have enjoyed playing with one called "Sketches Pro". I keep meaning to get a stylus so we can use it with more control than our fingers.)

    Can't wait for your travel pics and stories!