Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

Various and Sundries

It has been a busy time here in Oregon and I have many random things I could post about. I will use the photos available to me now to do some catch up and if I can figure out some digital media issues (yes, I have them too) I'll do another post another day.

It is wedding season, full on, so every week I am preparing and baking and delivering. Here was the Father's Day cake delivered to the old fancy hotel in town (I have another at the same hotel tomorrow).

It's been quite a while since I have done this more "elegant" style of cake with the smooth icing and ribbon. Most weddings these days have a more shabby chic look. I've said it before but working with the flowers is my favorite part. These roses were lovely.

The reception was in the ballroom of the hotel and it is quite fancy-


The early summer flowers are blooming on the farm. The peonies are done but I'm very, very excited about the hydrangea shrubs around the yard. They don't always bloom for me (so many seasonal variables) but this year is making up for the lack in other years. 


Two of these were given to me years ago by my son as a Mothers Day gift and I treasure them since I tried unsuccessfully for years to cultivate hydrangeas.

As the month goes on these will get a deeper and deeper blue color. Hydrangeas are very tricky to use in flower arrangements. At this immature blossom stage they are very temperamental and will wilt unexpectedly in an arrangement. I don't bother to cut them until much later in development. They sure are purty though!

Because it is June we have a new batch of chicks that arrived in the mail the day after they hatched.

And finally.........Ta Da!       A craft project. Yes, I have been working on one and made significant progress.

                                                 I completely phase 2 of the quilt- the borders.


I've had a number of significant issues to work through on this project (the ripples on the right are a concern). This quilt definitely does not have Swiss precision so don't look too closely. The last part of the piecing involves adding something to the design on two sides to make it a rectangle to fit a bed. My plan is to add a row of stars to the top and bottom-

But because this is a scrap quilt, I am not completely sure there is enough of the fabrics I need to accomplish it. I will need twenty-four stars. We shall see......


  1. Wow, Pam. You really have ben busy. I think that quilt is beautiful - and the ripples wouldn't have struck me as troublesome if you hadn't pointed them out. Artists are their own worst critics...

    1. There are issues like that that come from stitching small pieces with lots of seams to whole cloth with few or no seams. It will be something to contend with when it is quilted. It will have to be stretched a bit to try to eliminate them. An expert wouldn't have such problems.

  2. Siiiiiigh... hydrangeas. So pretty! And the quilt is turning out really lovely.

  3. Wow, Pam. The quilt... oh, the lovely quilt.
    Your hydrangeas are beautiful, too. Maria and I have been saying for years we want to grow some. For now we are enjoying peonies, but maybe someday.
    And a gorgeous cake in a gorgeous setting, and darling chicks - this makes life worth living, what say?
    Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your corner of the world.

  4. I love how your quilt is coming along, Pam!
    Also, that cake looks too pretty to eat!