Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

Ceramics and Amalfi

Onward toward Amalfi

 After Positano, along the road, we stopped at the most marvellous family-run ceramic business. The whole region is ornamented in ceramics, with signs and plaques, urns and tile pictures, and even benches. Here they added pillars and huge plates.

This was in the parking area - gorgeous work.

This is a detail of the bench back.

Ceramic tile painting. on the outside wall

A ceramic map of the Bay of Naples and Amalfi coast.

The business name - a  highly recommended stop along the way.

A watch tower, to sound the alarm when the Turks invaded.

The Rock formation is said to depict the Virgin Mary and Child.

This shop would make you fresh juice on the spot. The fruits were huge.

Detail of the town square's fountain of Saint Andrew.

Not wheelchair accessible; and you need to commit to going to church here.

Looking down on the square and fountain from up in the church.

In the crypt chapel, with inlaid marbles.

The church porch

More painted tiles. Note the Compass Star. The inventor of the compass came from this area, and the locals are proud of their claim to fame; so you see the motif all over.

Pretty designs on painted tiles

Beautiful gardens by the tourist parking lot down at the water - we were in a hurry, so my photos were limited.

The inventor of the compass in the parking lot park

Last view of the town of Amalfi. 
Next up (some day): the trip back and other places.